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Kane 258 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser Kit


  • Flue Gas Analyser with sensor purge protection for direct CO, O2 & CO measurement
  • Calculate CO2, CO/CO2 ratio & more, compatible with a variety of fuels
  • Complete with a Kane IRP-2 Infrared Printer & large carry bag for transportation

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    Kane 258 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser Kit

    The Kane 258 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser Kit is an affordable, entry level FGA for servicing or installing domestic appliances such as oil or gas boilers. With direct CO, O2 & CO sensor protection for direct measurement, this combustion analyser is fully capable of calculating 02, CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and combustion efficiency/performance checks. It is H2 ready up to a 20% blend and compatible with a variety of fuels such as Natural Gas, Propane, LPG, Light Oil, Butane & Wood Pellets.

    Featuring an ergonomic rotary dial and detachable flue probe, the Kane 258 utilises a purge pump protection system for preventing accidental damage to the sensor. A wireless module option allows connectivity for relaying information to the KANE LIVE & GAS CHECKER apps. Please select this option when adding to basket.

    The Kane 258 kit includes a Kane IRP-2 Infrared Printer and large carry bag for easy transportation.

    Covered by a 10 year warranty from Kane, the Kane 258 Flue Gas Analyser kit includes a data hold & log feature. Results are shown on the large screen in a six line display. Fully equipped with a USB charger, ‘long life’ sensors and infrared output for the printer makes the 258 kit a comprehensive package.

    Kane Live & Printer Apps

    For further increased functionality, select to add the optional Wireless Module from the check box above and relay information directly to the Kane Live & Printer apps. Analysers MUST have a wireless module fitted to be compatible.

    The Kane Live App is compatible with Android Devices and free from the Play Store. This multilingual App includes several extremely useful features beneficial for anyone with a Flue Gas Analyser. See your test results live on your smart device and even tag them with real-time GPS data & printouts all while still physically on site. Printouts can be shared along with downloaded analyser logs as CSV files, with analyser user details amendable within the App itself.

    The Kane Printer App is compatible with Android/iOS and is free from both the Play & App Store. With this app users can quickly connect to their analyser and view test results before emailing them to their contacts. Log each test location via GPS then save printouts to edit before transfer. Fully customise personal notes even in poor lighting conditions as a useful NightMode is incorporated within the app.

    Kane Care

    5 Year Service Plan (Option)

    With KANE’s 5 Year Service Plan, you can be assured that the first 4 service and recalibration are taken care of providing you with 5 years of cover for your new analyser with no further costs to worry about.

    By selecting this option, not only will you save over £100 on recalibration costs, but you will also benefit from the following:

    No additional service and calibration costs for the first 5 years

    Free collection and delivery options for annual service and recalibration

    SAME DAY service and recalibration

    No quibble repairs and no hidden costs

    Theft protection – in the unfortunate event that your analyser is stolen, KANE will replace it for FREE!

    Complete peace of mind for less than 22p per day.

    Simply check the box ‘Add KANE 5 Year Service Plan’ when you place your order, and your new analyser with ship with a 5 year service pack.

    After Sales Support

    This product also qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year ‘No Quibble’ warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns.

    All Kane Flue Gas Analysers come with the after sales support as standard.

    For more information, please visit Kane.co.uk.

    Key Features

    • Entry level FGA instrument
    • Measures O2 – 0-21%
    • Measures C0 – 0-2,000ppm
    • Calculates CO & CO2 ratio
    • Calculates excess air
    • Calculates differential temperature & combustion efficiency
    • H2 ready – up to 20% blend
    • Over-range protection with innovative purge pump system
    • Includes wireless connectivity
    • Data hold & log
    • Kane IRP-2 printer featured
    • Easy to use rotary dial
    • Compatible with a range of fuels
    • Charge via USB
    • Carry bag included
    • 10 year warranty provided by Kane
    • Kane part number: 258 Kit

    The Kane 258 Flue Gas Analyser Kit is also available:

    258 Flue Gas Analyser 258 Flue Gas Analyser Kit
    Kane 258 Flue Gas Analyser
    Wireless Connectivity Optional Optional
    CO Sensor Purge Pump Protection
    Calibration Report
    KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer
    Carry Case

    Kane Flue Gas Analyser Series

    The Kane 358 Flue Gas Analyser is a highly useful tool capable of completing a variety of tasks crucial for commissioning and performing maintenance on gas systems & boilers. However the also available Kane 458 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser includes more advanced features such as CO safety checks and an optional NO sensor. Whilst with less features, the 258 is a more affordable package and an ideal entry level Flue Gas Analyser.

    Kane 258 Kane 358 Kane 458s
    Features Yes Yes Yes
    Temperature Measurment Yes Yes Yes
    Wireless Connectivity Yes (Option) Yes (Option) Yes
    Pressure Measurment Yes Yes
    Test Sequences Yes Yes
    Room CO Yes
    Sensor Upgrades Yes
    Indoor Air Quality Yes (Option)
    Combustion Performance Checks Yes Yes Yes
    Combustion Efficiency Checks Yes Yes Yes
    Flue Draughts Yes Yes
    Boiler Commissioning Test Yes Yes
    Let By & Tightness Tests Yes Yes
    CO safety checks Yes
    CO 0 – 2,000pm Yes Yes Yes
    O2 0 – 21% Yes Yes Yes (option)
    Differential Temperature Yes Yes
    Differential pressure meter +/- 80mbrar Yes Yes
    CO2 direct with an Infra-Red sensor 0 – 20% Yes
    NO 0 – 600ppm Yes (option)
    CO 0 – 10,000ppm Yes (option)
    CO2 0 – 20% Yes Yes Yes
    CO / CO2 ratio Yes Yes Yes
    Excess Air Yes Yes Yes
    Combustion Efficiency Yes Yes Yes
    O2 Yes
    FGA CP2 Probe Yes Yes Yes
    USB Charger Yes Yes Yes
    IRP-3 Infrared Printer Yes (option) Yes (option) Yes (option)
    Carry Bag Yes (option) Yes (option) Yes (option)
    Pressure Connectors Yes
    GLD Gas Leak Detector Yes (option) Yes (option)
    KAL1 & KPCP Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes Yes (option) Yes (option)
    HARHOSE Pressure tubing Yes (option) Yes (option)
    KANEMSP & SP9 Smoke Pump & Papers Yes (option) Yes (option)
    ASP3 Oven & Grill Probes Yes (option) Yes (option)
    Oil Pressure test set Yes (option) Yes (option)

    What’s In The Box?

    • 258 Flue Gas Analyser
    • Probe
    • Kane IRP-3 Infrared Printer
    • USB charger
    • Quick reference guide
    • Analyser calibration certificate
    • Carry bag


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