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Kane EGA 4/5 Exhaust Gas Analyser


  • NDIR sensor technology
  • Choice of four or five gas configuration
  • Integrated Lambda/AFR calculation functionality

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  • Features

    Kane EGA 4/5 Exhaust Gas Analyser

    The Kane EGA 4/5 Exhaust Gas Analyser are the most complete exhaust gas analysers within the EGA series. With the choice of a 4 or 5 gas measuring unit, the range of measurement parameters includes: CO (0-10%), CO2 (0-20%), HC (0-5,000ppm) and O2 (0-21%), with the optional 5th gas being NO (0-1,500ppm). Both models boast NDIR sensor functionality designed to meet official test standards.

    The EGA 4/5 features an integrated Lambda/Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) calculation function, simplifying improvements to engine efficiency and fuel consumption. The compact size and portability makes bringing the unit to the vehicle a simple task, enabling roadside vehicle checks and removing the need to transport vehicles to dedicated workshops or bays.

    Diagnosing engine, exhaust and catalytic converter issues is made simple by the full range gas analysis and variety of accepted probe attachments. A large and clear graphic display makes reading screen values convenient, while a variety of language options (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian) increases usability for international and multilingual users. A rechargeable battery with an impressive minimum battery life of 4 hours provides prolonged use.

    Both the 4 and 5 gas model come complete with the wireless Kane Link module, EPAUTO1 emissions probe, CL5 USB lead and 12102/2 carry case. The Kane IRP3 portable infrared printer can be added to any EGA 4/5 order, should you require a portable printing solution for diagnostic results. The EGA4 can also be retrofitted to feature an additional 5th sensor (No(x)), should this become a need post-purchase.

    Combining functionality and a rich feature list with Kane’s industry-leading after sales support and warranty offer, the EGA 4/5 may be an unrivalled choice for those in the market for a highly portable engine exhaust gas analyser.

    Below, you will find a comparison table comparing the various features and sensor options. Selecting the optional 5th sensor (NO – 1,500ppm), will mean you are selecting the EGA5 model, as opposed to standard 4 gas EGA4.

    Exhaust Gas Analyser
    Wireless Connectivity
    Kane Link N/A N/A
    CO 0-10,000ppm Select one sensor option Select two sensor options Select three sensor options N/A N/A
    CO 0-10%
    O2 0-21%
    C02 0-20%
    NO(X) 0-1500ppm Option
    HC 0-5000ppm N/A N/A N/A
    NDIR – CO, CO2 & HC N/A N/A N/A

    Kane Care After Sales Support

    This product qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year ‘No Quibble’ warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns.

    All Kane Flue Gas Analysers come with the after sales support as standard.

    For more information, please visit Kane.co.uk.

    Key Features

    • Choice of four or five gas configuration
    • Works with all common fuel types: petrol/gasoline, LPG, CNG and diesel
    • Large graphic display screen
    • NDIR sensor for fast and accurate measurement
    • Wireless connectivity with Kane Live & other 3rd party apps
    • Minimum four hour battery life
    • Rugged & portable protective rubber sleeve
    • Language options – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
    • 10 year ‘no quibble’ warranty when annually serviced and rectified by Kane
    • Lambda/AFR calculation 0.8-1.2

    What’s In The Box?

    • Kane EGA 4/5 Exhaust Gas Analyser
    • Wireless module
    • EPAUTO1 emissions probe
    • CL5 USB lead
    • CU12VDC2A21 charger
    • 1410/2 carry case


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